Blogging is hard. Help!

Creating the blog’s identity
Writing a blog is hard! I didn’t think it would be as I feel I’m full of ideas but it is. I foolishly thought it would be easy. I mean as is often the way with many things in the world it is the success stories that get highlighted in the press. Those that succeed might have been lucky to be spotted, opportunists, well connected or famous already. I’ve no problem with all of these bloggers in fact they inspire me. How can I be like them?

I want to understand how they manage to write successful award-winning blogs and still do all the usual day to day stuff?As mentioned I have lots of ideas for blog posts including day to day things to reviews of products etc. and yet I only seem to find time for the occasional Instagram snap!

How do I balance a 7am until 7pm job, a new born baby boy, making time for the wife and then some for me? Would a list help? Should I be selfish (like if I want to exerce) and make time everyday to write the posts? 

I currently have more than 5 half written blog posts, which I’d like to post, but I struggle to find the time to complete them. Any advice would be extremely grateful, especially those in a similar situation to me, simply share your hints and tips below.

Olly aka (impractical) Dad

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