Fit Dad vs Fat Dad

I want to be a dad that is fit enough to run around and play with my son for years and years to come. So how do you stay fit with a new born and a full time job? One of the most common lies I heard from dads, is to tell the wife you’re “working late” and then head to the gym. 

Ready for a Sunday kick about
Whilst I have a gym membership, I’m not a fan of running on a treadmill or doing any cardio indoors on my own. I much prefer to exercise in a group, where the people around you can motivate you, so on Sundays I like to have a kick about with a few guys. This is great every other Sunday, but it isn’t enough to help me to stay fit. 

One step I’ve taken is to buy a FitBit, which has encouraged me to get the number of daily steps up. I get a rewarding digital pat on the back when I hit my daily target of 10,000 steps plus it encourages me to climb 10 flights of stairs, walk, run or jog 10k, burn 3k calories and much more. 

Post run = sweat on
Being selfish! You have to be a little selfish if you really want to get some exercise in during the week. I managed to squeeze a 5k run in the other week, which was enough time to get my heart rate up and feel the benefits. A 5k will take anywhere between 25-30 minutes on average and after a few runs you will see an improvement in your times. 

One thing you may not need to work on is your arms as if your like me you’ll be picking your little one up and down constantly, plus each week as they put weight on they will get heavier. Although whilst great for the arms, you can also do squats whilst holding your little one to exercise those legs.

I’m still struggling to hind time to stay fit, but I’ll keep looking for hints and tips and keep sharing what I find. 

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